What are the Point of Sale limits for transactions and ATM withdrawals for debit cards per day?

  • Student Accounts per day: ATM = $505 and Point of Sale (POS) = $505
  • Other Personal Accounts per day: ATM = $505 and Point of Sale (POS)-$1,005

How do I reset my password for Internet Banking?

  • First, you’ll need to set up our Password Self Reset Feature. It will not work if it hasn’t been set up previously. After logging into your account please navigate to the Options page. You’ll need to fill out the security question/answer fields on that page. You will be asked this question and will have to supply the answer while resting your password.
  • To use our Password Self Reset Feature please click “Reset Password” after submitting your Exchange Online ID. On the next page, please input your Exchange Online ID, email address, and a subject for the email. You may type anything for the subject. Shortly after submitting this information you will receive an email. Click the link in the email and answer your personal question. You will now be able to create a new password and login.

Can I have a payment taken automatically from my checking account at another bank to make a loan payment at Exchange Bank?

Yes, and it’s very simple to do. You may come into our closest branch, request an EFT form, complete the questions, and attach a voided check from your bank. Give the form to a customer service representative or simply mail in a written, signed request with your cancelled check attached to the Main Office and we will take care of the transfer for you.

Can I inquire about a loan on-line?

Yes. Click on the Products and Services tab and scroll down to Loan Inquiry and complete the information requested. A Loan Officer will contact you within two business days to schedule an appointment and to begin your loan process.

If I don’t agree with a charge on my account or don’t recognize the reason for a charge, what is the procedure for reconciliation on my account?

Please call 478-452-4531 and ask for a Customer Service Representative or Bookkeeping to explain the charge on your account.

Can I transfer money from one account to another on-line (i.e., savings to checking, checking to loan, Express Credit to checking)?

Yes. You must first sign up for internet banking and ensure that the accounts you want access to on-line are properly listed in order for you to make on-line transfers.

What should you do if your Exchange Bank Debit Card is lost or stolen or you experience fraudulent activity?

Effective April 24, 2020, the phone number to report a lost or stolen debit card or fraudulent activity will change. The Fraud Center for Exchange Bank debit cardholders is 1-888-297-3416 (collect: 206-389-5200). If your debit card is lost or stolen or you experience fraudulent activity, please call 1-888-297-3416 (collect: 206-389-5200). If you should receive a text about a fraud attempt on your account, the caller ID WILL SHOW 96923, not the full number.

The international number for customers traveling abroad is 206-389-5200.

We value the trust and confidence you have placed in us as your community bank, and we strive to continuously provide you with exceptional products and services for years to come.

If you have any questions, please call 478-452-4531.